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hps group consists of specialist teams adept at data interrogation, consumer research, creative, content, brand partnerships and PR, in-store promotion, video and animation. We  offer end-to-end marketing solutions, using insight and our other skillsets to bring brands closer to customers. As such, we’re uniquely positioned to talk relevantly to consumers, whatever stage of the customer journey they’re on.

integrated campaigns · digital marketing · strategic planning

Marketing has entered a new era of sophistication, with rapidly developing technologies providing vastly improved data on consumers and purchasing patterns. hps cuts through the reams of information to pinpoint the actionable insights for every project. With strategic, digital and creative minds working together in a media-neutral environment, we then translate this insight into focused and effective marketing communications that will increase enquiries and reduce costs. What client would argue with that?

international research · brand tracking · consumer insight

hps MM-Eye is a market research agency, specialising in the automotive and mobility industries. They conduct quantitative and qualitative market research around the world to provide clients with insights for new product development, brand positioning and communications. Make sure you ask them about their unique and innovative products, designed to overcome the perennial problem of manufactured research environments not accurately reflecting the decision-making processes in the real world.

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TV commercials · online films · 2D and 3D animation

Breakfast of Champions is an animation, motion design and video production company based in Covent Garden. With a lightness of touch and generous measures of technical wizardry, they tell charming and memorable stories in online films, TV commercials and explainer videos. Using their own words, they make “personality-driven films with impact for happy clients all around the world”. What a lovely way to spend your working week.

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in-store marketing · retail merchandising · product demonstration

In the world of retail, there is much talk about ‘the last seven metres’, where the customer purchase decision is finally made. Using the latest data and industry insight, the talented team at hps Retail7 are focused on convincing customers to take those all-important final steps to purchase. They provide field teams to train and motivate retail staff, and supply in-store merchandisers and demonstrators.

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brand partnerships · PR · Events

Success in PR, event management and sponsorship depends on the power of positive relationships. The team at hps Jardine uses its big black book of contacts, a can-do attitude and bags of energy to drive impressive results for clients. They make things happen through close collaboration with the media, online influencers, suppliers, rights holders, personalities and partner agencies. Specialising in sport and automotive, hps Jardine has a track record for developing targeted, creative, insightful and effective campaigns for big brands and organisations.

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our people

Any agency is only as good as the people who work for it. Ours happen to be the best when it comes to brains, but we’re working on the looks.





















You only need to look on Instagram to see what fun we have together when we’re not at the coalface. When we’re not focused on squeezing yet another drop of brilliance out of each client campaign, we’re planning or enjoying our next hps festival, party, pub crawl or inter-agency sports tournament.

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