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behavioural change marketing for health









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Free Masterclass designed to help your health organisations make the most of data and healthcare intelligence.  Demonstrating how to get actionable insights from the data and how to use insights to drive innovative social marketing campaigns guaranteed to improve efficiency.

What will we cover?

  • Tactical business intelligence modelling – How to benchmark the performance of your organisation using open source and third-party data

  • Analytics and visualisation – Taking a deep dive into the data to identify focus areas and uncover the insights that matter

  • Identifying where targeted social marketing campaigns will have the greatest impact

  • What makes a great social marketing campaign? Examples that have made a real difference

  • Practical tips for implementation of your own social marketing campaigns

  • Identifying the KPIs that will help you track performance evidencing how your campaigns are saving money and improving lives




what is behavioural and social change marketing?

clinical commissioning groups, hospitals, local authorities and well-being boards


what problems can it address?

lifestyle behavioural change, smoking, obesity, exercise, patient discovery, dementia, diabetes


who, where & when?

tactical business intelligence modelling, analysis & visualisation


what makes a great social marketing campaign?

examples that have made a real difference


top tips

practical tips for implementation of your own social marketing campaigns


measurement, evaluation & benchmarking

tracking performance revealing how your campaigns are saving money and improving patient outcomes

about the speakers

Patrick Ladbury

Patrick is a founding Director of The NSMC and leads on the communications, training and capacity building work streams. As a qualified Training Foundation Practitioner he has helped develop over 50 social marketing training and capacity building programmes including programmes for NHS Scotland, Hastings and Rother Clinical Commissioning Group and the British Virgin Island’s Ministry of Health. Prior to The NSMC, Patrick worked in the voluntary sector for ten years initially in fundraising with Barnardos and VSO and then at Asthma UK developing and leading their Children and Young People’s programmes.

Bill Harvey

With agency experience spanning over 15 years, Belinda’s primary aim is to look after all aspects of client servicing to ensure a consistent, quality output across all the related core accounts, and a healthy, honest relationship between the agency and client teams. With over 10 years covering private and public health sectors, her experience has accommodated the following: BMI Healthcare, Moorfields Private Hospital, brighterkind care homes and the NHS.

Heather Scutchings

With over 12 years’ insight and research experience, Heather leads the hps Insight Team, responsible for in-depth understanding of audiences and behaviours. She has worked with clients worldwide across multiple sectors including health, to define the customer journey, deliver actionable insights that underpin strategy and put consumers at the heart of decision-making. Key capabilities include text and data mining, digital analytics and in-depth segmentation/profiling of customers. Turning complex analysis from multiple, diverse data sets into compelling, well-visualised customer stories that engage across an organisation and prompt positive action.

Ralph Boyce

Ralph has worked as an Industrial Engineer and Management Consultant throughout his career of 40 years. He specialises in management information audit methodologies with particular reference to Performance Management and Key Account Management. He is a fellow of the Institute of Management services and has worked with various Management and Business Intelligence platforms, developing applications for HR, Logistics, Finance, Performance Management, Key Account Management and Sales Force Effectiveness. He has worked with a range of organisations including Precision Engineering, Medical Products, the Military, Information Technology, Electronics, Food and Beverages, Finance, and for the last 20 years in Pharmaceuticals and the NHS. His primary interest is now focused on working in support of the NHS and its front-line organisations as regards real world evidence modelling to improve patient outcomes and cost efficiency.

Emma Fisher

Emma’s role within the hps group is focused on ensuring digital, health and retail innovations are front of mind within the agency. An original thinker, Emma has been with hps since 2000. Working across all the Group companies, her role covers thought leadership, concept and creation, business direction and problem-solving. Emma continuously champions new advances in technologies and platforms, along with ideas and concepts on how they may be applied across our clients’ business.

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