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putting the customer in the driving seat









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How can a better understanding of the customer help UK auto brands succeed in challenging market conditions in 2018?

When times are tough, it’s vital to ensure that…

  • New products are optimised for the market
  • Marketing budgets are effectively spent
  • Customer experience is building loyalty and maximising customer lifetime value

But spend on customer insight is often considered fair game for short-term cost savings. As specialist automotive market researchers, hps MM-Eye believe that the brands who succeed in tough times are the ones who increase their focus on the customer needs and the customer experience.




exclusive access to the results of a survey hps MM-Eye have conducted among 1,000 new car buyers into the paralysis affecting the market


complements all around

inspiration on how to complement the research you receive from global HQ with UK relevant, nimble, agile, cost-effective research


nothing but the (customer) truth

an insight into the brightest and best ways to inform your decision-making with customer truth


discussion time

the opportunity to discuss your insight and customer experience challenges with specialist automotive researchers


let's have a chat...

the chance to meet with peers from within the industry

about the speakers

Dan Pitt

Heather Scutchings

With over 12 years’ insight and research experience, Heather leads the hps Insight Team, responsible for in-depth understanding of audiences and behaviours. She has worked with clients worldwide across multiple sectors including health, to define the customer journey, deliver actionable insights that underpin strategy and put consumers at the heart of decision-making. Key capabilities include text and data mining, digital analytics and in-depth segmentation/profiling of customers. Turning complex analysis from multiple, diverse data sets into compelling, well-visualised customer stories that engage across an organisation and prompt positive action.

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