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emotional content for rational purchases: using content to help buyers make better decisions


Can behavioural economics give us insight into how to match our content to the needs of our customers?

Customers are better informed than ever when it comes to those complex, considered purchases. Whether it be luxury goods, technology or financial services, customers can find useful information to inform the rational elements of their decision. But purchases are rarely wholly rational decisions: emotional response always plays a critical influencing role. So how can you improve your emotional content to help customers make a better decision?

At this masterclass you’ll discover:

  • The role of content in purchase decision making and building customer trust
  • How emotional response influences purchase decisions in considered purchases
  • How the science behind storytelling is helping create better stories
  • The role of data in creating the insights that drive successful content
  • Choosing and creating the content that engages
  • Why you should consider content as an asset for your brand



key definitions

what content is/isn't and its role in content marketing



the role of emotion and trust in purchase decisions


the science behind stories

the neuro-psychology of storytelling


data, information, insight

how understanding of behaviours through data is essential for creating better content


let's get creative

personas and choosing the right content formats to create


building a content savvy organisation

treating content as an asset and what that means for justifying ROI


Geraint Holliman

A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a Chartered Marketer he has 25 years international experience in client and agency-side roles across B2C and B2B including 14 years as agency Managing Director. Author of the academic paper “B2B Digital Content Marketing: marketers' perceptions of best practice” and speaker on Content Marketing at events worldwide. He now focuses on helping brands of all sizes enjoy the benefits of content marketing, content strategy and storytelling.

Katie Grainger

Katie’s role within the hps group is focussed on getting under the skin of our client’s brands and championing customer experience. Katie has been with hps for over five years and has worked across several accounts, specifically on luxury launches, experiential partnership activations and delivering new brand aspirations at a local level. As a hps strategist, Katie is constantly on the lookout for great examples of local brand activation and spends the majority of her time in meetings brainstorming new ways to bring brands closer to customers.

Heather Scutchings

With over 12 years’ insight and research experience, Heather leads the hps Insight Team, responsible for in-depth understanding of audiences and behaviours. She has worked with clients worldwide across multiple sectors including health, to define the customer journey, deliver actionable insights that underpin strategy and put consumers at the heart of decision-making. Key capabilities include text and data mining, digital analytics and in-depth segmentation/profiling of customers. Turning complex analysis from multiple, diverse data sets into compelling, well-visualised customer stories that engage across an organisation and prompt positive action.

James Murphy

Managing Director at Breakfast of Champions, an animation, motion design and video production studio in London. We make personality driven films with impact for happy clients all around the world.



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