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Automotive is no different from any other sector – attracting new customers is one of the trickiest jobs of all, so knowing where to find them is a good place to start. Tackling this problem head-on, HPS have developed an ingenious tool called Targeter, which is specifically designed to find new prospects for car retailers. This technology is all part of our drive to bring brands closer to customers.

  • 25% rise in enquiries from new prospects
  • 8% more orders for retailers

Our system pinpoints the postcode areas that have the most sales potential for each retailer, offering actionable customer insight. These may be areas where the retailer is already doing well but where the key competitors are doing even better. We call these ‘swing postcodes’, as a small amount of extra effort should deliver a quick win.

How it works

Other systems deliver mountains of information from a number of different sources, leading to process breaks and migraine-sized headaches for anyone trying to make sense of it all.

Targeter simplifies everything. It delivers the intelligence, not just the information, you need in one easy-to-use package. Straight away, you can recognise the postcode sectors with the right demographic, and then target them with low-cost multi-channel campaigns.

It’s not just about where people live either. Targeter also lets you know where the ‘right’ audience gather in your selected area, including the more obvious gyms, hotels and cinemas, and the less obvious private clubs, sports venues and events.

Measuring success

One retailer noticed that enquiries from prospects new to the business were up by a whopping 25% in those areas being targeted. (This was measured against the average postcode sectors in that retailer’s area of influence.)

Equally impressive, retailers that have engaged with Targeter two or more times in 2016 have achieved 11% more enquiries and 8% more orders.


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