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In most cases there are only ever two audiences: customers and prospects. Living and breathing the customer journey as we do, we pride ourselves on knowing the right way to talk to the right person at the right time.

The five companies within HPS Group overlap to cover the entire customer journey through each stage from prospect to shopper to customer to retention. Rather than working in silos, we take a media-neutral approach using all the different skills and areas of expertise at our disposal. This means you always get the solution that best suits you, not us.

Technologies developed in-house

To help pinpoint the correct audiences, we use a suite of advanced technologies, developed in-house, which help us bring brands closer to customers. Specifically designed to find new prospects for car retailers, Targeter pinpoints the postcode areas that have the most sales potential.

The Marketing Toolkit, a web-based extranet system for businesses with multiple outlets, helps with campaign planning, budgets, channel planning, marketing assets, direct deployment and central reporting. This applies throughout the customer journey as we use everything at our disposal to transform prospects into loyal customers.

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