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considered purchase

Considered purchases relate to items with a higher price than other products, or those that involve a longer or more complex purchasing decision. 

Customers may ‘desire’ rather than necessarily ‘need’ these products and, as such, the non-linear challenges that brands face are unique for each product and customer. With years of experience, we understand the complexities brands in this area face.

Connecting with customers

Creating a utopian single customer view is tricky so we need to delve deeper into the minds of consumers, find out what makes them tick and how we can ultimately drive them to purchase. Working closely with our internal strategy and insight team and our research agency MM-Eye, we can deliver this killer insight and share an actionable customer view with clients.

Understanding how the sales funnel and decision-making process differs from that of an FMCG item is key to our success. Customers’ search phases may take longer, they may run more comparisons, seek more opinion and reviews, and spend more time rationalising their purchase. You can almost hear that inner monologue: “No, I can’t afford it, but I work hard so I deserve it.”

Experts in this often discussed but little understood area, our strategy team can help considered purchases build customer connections by delivering the right message to the right person at exactly the right time.

Relevant experience

Adding to hps’ extensive automotive expertise, our experience with consumer electronics (Intel, Panasonic, Bose, Huawei and Amazon Kindle) and leisure (Virgin Active, Holmes Place and Esporta) gives us a unique perspective in this fascinating niche sector.

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