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about us

HPS currently runs the automotive retail accounts for FCA and Mazda. For these clients, we’re fixated on driving increased sales enquiries, as well as brand equity, at a local level. Our relationship with Mazda is over 20 years old.

  • 26 years managing retailer marketing programmes
  • £4 million digital ads per year
  • Industry-leading digital tools

Understanding the workings of the car buyer’s mind is just as important as our experience and we think we’ve got that down to a T too. And so begins a blossoming relationship between brand and customer…

Automotive oil in our veins

HPS has also worked with BMW, Rolls-Royce, MINI, Porsche, Kia and Saab. Better still, the individuals currently in our team have worked for almost every automotive manufacturer operating in the UK, amassing a staggering 250 years’ of experience between us, and it’s this experience that sets us apart.

Our automotive pedigree is driven by highly experienced people, many of whom have worked on the client side and in retailer showrooms. Speaking of retailers, we calculate we must have made around 5,511 retailer visits between us. With all this good stuff behind us, we’re able to help clients out with business problems, not just marketing ones.


Automotive Insights Booklet 2018


From buyer habits to building lasting customer relationships. When it comes to automotive, we really know our stuff – and we’d love to share our expertise. Our ‘Automotive Insights’ is jam-packed with facts and figures that can help inform and inspire success for brands like yours. Put together by our very own Programme and Insight Executive, Connor Triggs, our free guide is full of first-hand insights into:

  • Key reasons consumers change car
  • How long the average consideration process takes
  • What consumers think about pricing and offers
  • The number of dealership visits and test drives it takes to seal the deal
  • Next steps for brands to take


Looking to the future

Harnessing our passion and knowledge for all things automotive, we help our clients make sense of a market that is evolving faster than driverless technology. We can help brands to get to grips with the challenges of new market entrants, ever-widening sales channels, engineering innovations and increased connectivity.

Take the Mazda MyWay programme for example; by approaching the market using an innovative concierge service, we needed to find new ways to prospect potential customers and deliver messages, which we did in spades. It’s a far cry from a traditional car dealership approach but it’s full of opportunity.

Interesting times for sure – HPS can help make the most of them.

The HPS digital team understand the dealers’ business challenges and have got their offering spot-on in terms of breadth and depth of the campaigns offered and, more importantly, they deliver the results.

Anita Fox, Client Partner – Head of Automotive at Facebook UK




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The sales of new cars in the UK are declining, following years of consistent growth. Every motoring expert seems to have their own theory why this is happening, but many of these are contradictory. No wonder we’re all so confused.

In search of clarity, HPS MM-Eye went in search of the consumer’s perspective. After all, we believe that consumer truth empowers businesses to make the best possible decisions. Click below to view our findings.




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