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we're an integrated marketing group

bringing brands

closer to customers


General knowledge is great for pub quizzes but it’s not so useful in the current marketing arena. In today’s omni-channel, hyper-connected world, clients need specialists working independently, or together, to solve a wide range of problems. That’s why we’ve steadily built a comprehensive marketing services group capable of delivering specialist resources to meet any kind of challenge. With a collection of five specialist businesses that together cover every stage of the customer journey, HPS Group brings brands closer to customers in a way no ordinary agency can:



By understanding the customer journey, we optimise the key touchpoints at a local level within the automotive, health and leisure, charity and CSR and consumer electronics sectors.

Over many years, we’ve developed an expertise in ‘considered purchases’: brands with a longer purchase circle and/or a higher price point that requires the customer to undertake a greater degree of research and enquiry. Think cars, televisions, gym membership and cosmetic surgery.

Another area of specialism, resulting from the development of our pioneering toolkit technology over many years, is localisation, where distributors or channel partners require assets and messages to be adapted for local market opportunities. Think health clubs, restaurant chains and car retailers.

In each of these areas, our teams of specialists cut through the reams of marketing data now available to pinpoint the actionable insights that enable us to deliver the right message to the right person at exactly the right time.



Knowledge is power, but we're a generous bunch and we don't mind sharing ours with you.

client experience


You only need to look on Instagram to see what fun we have together when we’re not at the coalface. When we’re not focused on squeezing yet another drop of brilliance out of each client campaign, we’re planning or enjoying our next hps festival, party, pub crawl or inter-agency sports tournament.


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